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Sanctuary Supporting Congregation

Report at the Annual Meeting, January 26, 2020

SAPUCC is a "Sanctuary Supporting Congregation." We work co-operatively with several other churches and share needs, tasks, ideas and resources. There are 3 coalitions in the metro area: East St Paul, South Minneapolis, and our coalition in the University Area.

In 2019:

Our congregation and coalition were represented at ISAIAH and Coalition Meetings.

Our congregation and coalition were represented and joined about 200 others at the State Capitol to talk to our senators about the need for drivers’ licenses for immigrants.

Our congregation was represented at Sherburne County Jail to support Elk River UCC and to protest the proposed expansion of the jail to house 200 more immigrants. The effort to expand failed – thanks be to God.

Our congregation and coalition were represented at ICE Head Quarters at Fort Snelling. We joined about 250 people at a vigil to protest the use of Bishop Whipple’s name on their building.

After ICE activity in Dinkytown, representatives of our congregation and coalition delivered fliers to educate people of their rights.

SAPUCCer David L. represented us in Arizona and across the border in Mexico . He did humanitarian work and was further educated about the situation there. He came back and told us about it at the Adult Forum on November 24, 2019, so that we can be more educated. Thank you, David.

Our congregation was represented when The Minnesota Conference UCC decided to work towards making Minnesota a Sanctuary State.

Our congregation is represented by two people, Leslie A. and Sue G., who write letters to detainees and have supported them by their presence in Immigration Court. We are grateful to Sue and Leslie for sharing their thoughts and experiences at one of our vigils.

Our congregation has been represented at the monthly Sanctuary Vigils held in our sister churches. The vigils are a time to carve out a sacred space, to ground ourselves in our faith and look for guidance. We have hosted two vigils here in the past year. At the last vigil on January 5, 2020, Amy Lange, who organizes immigration court observation, spoke bluntly about her experiences. There is a move to invite her back for an Adult Forum so we can all be more informed and equipped.

This congregation has provided generous financial support to the mission of Sanctuary. Thank you to the Board Mission & Witness, The Diaconate Fund, Compassionate Christmas Fund, and donors to vigil offerings as well as many individual donations to our immigrant and sanctuary work.

Finally, there is good news. Two people in our care have reached that point in their asylum process when it is safe to tell you about them. Please pray for S. — a young man from Honduras — and his 9-year-old son.

The person giving the report closed with this story:

I drive S. to English classes at the International Institute. Every time he gets into the car he says, “How are you? How is your family? How is your son?” Now, since he came to our vigil, he says, “How are your sisters and brothers at your church? I thank God we could pray together in your temple.”

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