Anti-Racism Resources

The following Word documents contain lists of anti-racism resources, with clickable links to many items. The lists are by no means complete, but rather offer many options and starting places.

(Anti-Racism Resources) Black-Owned Businesses in the Twin Cities.doc
(Anti-Racism Resources) Reading List for Adults.doc
(Anti-Racism Resources) Reading List for Children and Youth.doc
(Anti-Racism Resources) Podcasts, Documentaries and Films.doc
(Anti-Racism Resources) Talking with Children.doc
(Anti-Racism Resources) Racism and the Church.doc
(Anti-Racism Resources) Specialized Resources.doc

"Where Do We Go From Here"

The Conference's webinar series to expand racial justice awareness launched June 30, 2020 with the Rev. Traci Blackmon, Associate General Minister of the United Church of Christ, talking on "Where Do We Go From Here? Lessons from Ferguson & Beyond." Blackmon has become a leading national voice in the struggle for racial justice in the aftermath of the killing of Michael Brown, Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. Watch and listen to the amazing conversation here.

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