The Communion Table at SAPUCC

Adapted from Pastor Victoria’s sermon (June 3rd, 2018) exploring how we take part in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

A Table of Remembrance – we remember Jesus, his life, his teaching, his healing, his ways of justice and compassion, his daring, his death, his rising again.

A Table of Thanksgiving – we give thanks to God, so much gratitude.

A Table of Relationship – not isolated, not lonely, but connected to Jesus, the disciples, one another, and Christians around the world.

A Table of Equality – no matter who you are, the table is for you. No restrictions, no qualifications, no special privileges, no “head table”; everyone receives the same amount of bread and cup.

A Table of Time – Past (Christ lived and died), Present moment (Christ is risen and is with us now), Future (Christ will come again), all wrapped into one.

A Table of Plenty – there is always enough. Always.

A Table of Returning – we return to the table over and over and over again, throughout our lives, and each time we’re different, changed since the last time.

A Table of Sabbath – let Christ be the host. You’re not in charge. Rest and receive.

A Table of Embodiment – we take in the elements of bread and cup, they enter our blood, breath, muscles and bones, and then we go out into the world.

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