Successful Benefit Concert for The Center for Victims of Torture

On behalf of all of us at The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), and especially on behalf of the survivors for whom we are all here, I want to express my deep and profound appreciation for all that you did to make the benefit concert for CVT the wonderful, meaningful and successful event that it was.

From conceiving the idea to planning and organizing and then executing it so perfectly, it was incredibly moving. Strong community support for CVT’s mission has always been a vital element in CVT’s continuing evolution, and this was uniquely manifested once again through your extraordinary contributions of music, philanthropy and community.

With awe and heartfelt gratitude, thank you! Curt Goering, CVT Executive Director

By the numbers …. Over 200 people attended the concert on February 25th, and $3,155 was raised, all of it benefiting CVT.

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