Still Rapping: Max & Rachel

The final evening of August Family Camp at Pilgrim Point always includes an all-camp Variety Show.

Here’s an amazing rap that our very own Max Bezada wrote and performed (with Rachel as his back-up singer).


I. came. From. The. North of the south
To the south of the north
Made a stop in the northwest, came
To the north of the north

To the upper Midwest
Yeah, doncha know
Where you hear Garrison Keillor in the radio

We got into that car,
We drove for 2 thousand miles
It’s true, there were some tears right along with the smiles

When we moved to Minnesota
the land of the hot dish
Where the kids are above average
and the folks like to ice fish

At first it was hard,
We didn’t know a soul
We didn’t have a friend
When we moved to Saint Paul

But, one January when the nights were dark
We found a sweet little church in Saint Anthony Park
First thing we saw was the adult forum
There were many people there enough to make quorum
They were talking ‘bout theology and poetry
We thought: this would be a good place for our family
And so you see
We joined this community
And you embraced us, we were welcomed
As we hoped we’d be

Next thing you know we’re coming to camp in the summer
We’re eating in the dining hall for breakfast lunch and supper
We’re having a good time, with the bugs and spiders
and a bunch of good people chillin’ by Lake Ida.

Where our kids are yours
And your kids are ours
And they play and they roam for hours and hours

We’re very far away from the life we knew
But that’s ok ‘cause now we’re here and we’re here with you
And you’re here with us
So don’t make a fuss
‘cause we’re gonna fly high like an albatross

That was my story
I hope I didn’t disappoint
Thanks for hearing me out
tonight at Pilgrim Point

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