So Lucky

By Cassie Iverson

I clean our church twice a week. I always take a few minutes to sit in the empty sanctuary. It makes me feel grounded and closer to God. Whoever God may be. Mostly I think about how grateful I am to have found this community. Coming from a faith community of origin where the message was that who I was, was intrinsically incorrect, the idea that a place like SAPUCC was out there seemed crazy. I married my wife in this church, my children will have both been baptized here, [my sister] Elisha and her family are now members here, and my parents love Pastor Vic’s sermons. I never questioned my relationship with God, but believed for a time that being “out” meant sacrificing the sense of belonging the church once gave me. St. Anthony Park United Church of Christ has shown my family love, acceptance and celebrates who we are, believing we bring nothing but value to their “flock”. We are so lucky to have this place and these people. So lucky.

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