Now That I’m Older and Wiser…

By Luke Magistad

As a little kid, it felt like church was just an hour on Sunday mornings. For me, it meant sitting in the sanctuary until the last note from the organ and then running to the Fellowship Hall to grab some pretzels or cookies or whatever else was being magically, I thought, laid out for me. Then I would run down to the basement to play games with the other kids, air hockey, tag, whatever struck our fancy that week. And then, I would go home and not think about church until the next week on Sunday morning.

After my years of growing up in the church, I eventually came to realize the immense amount of time and commitment the leaders and members of SAPUCC put into planning and organizing everything that goes on at church, not just on Sunday mornings. I so greatly appreciate all the adults who put the effort into making the church a fun place to grow, explore and learn.

It’s partially for that reason that I’m so excited to be participating in the Board of Christian Education, to be able to give the next generation of kids the same opportunity that I had when I was growing up in this amazing community.

Luke is a member of SAPUCC, and attends high school at Nova Classical Academy in Saint Paul.

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