New Member On The Board Of Christian Education

My name is Adam Avery, and I am a new member of the Board of Christian Education. My wife Jacquie and I have been attending SAPUCC for ~4 years, beginning shortly after moving from Ann Arbor, MI to the Twin Cities for school and work. We have two amazing kids, Luke (7) and Landon (2). Luke is in Godly Play, which Jacquie also helps teach. I have some direct experience teaching youth in church; while in Ann Arbor, Jacquie and I co-taught a middle/high school Sunday school class at the Disciples of Christ church where we were married.

Why did I decide to join the Board? Well, as a parent of young kids involved in the church and with Jacquie teaching, serving on the board seemed like it would complement activities in the church that were relevant and important to my family. Hopefully I can bring some useful insights/ideas to discussions at our meetings. It was also simply appealing to me to get more involved with the church, and through a new role that will allow me to learn and think about different challenges. Indeed, so far I have very much enjoyed participating in mid-week, after-work meetings in the SAPUCC parlor! I look forward to contributing to the CE Board and hope that I can assist the board in finding ways to benefit the youth at SAPUCC.

I am very thankful for the warmth and hospitality that SAPUCC has provided to me and my family, and am glad to give back to the church.

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