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On this page:

 • Council Officers
 • Boards
 • Committees
 • Annual Reports
 • Service Groups
 • Bylaws
 • Financial Policies of SAPUCC
 • Leadership Resources

Council Officers

Carole Mason Smith

JoAnn Arny

Mark Scott

David Misemer

Council Member-at-Large
Elisha Jacobsen

Council Member-at-Large
Susan Schnasse


Board of Christian Education
Steph Goese, Chair
Diane Klinefelter*
Luke Magistad
Robyn Reed
Sara Schwebs

Board of Church Growth
Adam Gordon
Steve Magistad*
Liam Magistad
Lois Poser
Jim Snoxell, Chair

Board of Community Life
Don Breneman
Sam Duling
Lee Heilman
David Leitzke*
Betty Swanson

Board of Deacons
Leslie Amundson
Craig Freeman
Claire Radtke
Mike Smith*
Penny Truax

Board of Mission and Witness
John Buschette*
Penny Chally
Kimberly Gascoigne
Jason Mitchell, Chair
Glenn Poser

Board of Stewardship
Carl Arny
Ben Gascoigne
Emma Radtke*

Board of Trustees
Cecil Chally
Tom Feinthel
Dan Larson, Chair
Scott Radkte*
Gil Sem

* Indicates representative to the Church Council


Leadership Committee
Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman
Carole Mason Smith
JoAnn Arny

Personnel Committee
Wendy Berg
Marge Grahn-Bowman
Jill Oliveri

Finance Committee
David Misemer, Treasurer
Cecil Chally
Janet Johnson
Steve Magistad

Women’s Fellowship
Gaye Larson*

Delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference UCC
Andy Banks
Craig Freeman

Youth Delegate to the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference UCC

Representative to Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul
Pam Barnard

* Indicates representative to the Church Council

Annual Reports

2018 Annual report.pdf (PDF)

Service Groups

Service Groups provide two key ministries: 1) hosting coffee hour and 2) handing out bulletins, greeting members and visitors.

The Captains are responsible for making sure that these Sunday responsibilities are covered by people from their Service Group.

Captain: David Leitzke

Don Breneman &
Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman
Nancy & Tom Feinthel
Craig & Ellen Freeman
Nancy Fruen
Deb Heuwinkel
Ruth Hoffman
Dusty & Elisha Jacobsen
David Leitzke
Jim & Ellen Snoxell

Captain: Beth Magistad

Andy Banks
Pam Barnard
Maja Beckstrom
Wendy Berg
Kathryn Bushley & Carl Whittaker
Becca Emmons
Steph Goese & Brian Stevenson
Ted Bowman & Marge Grahn-Bowman
Beth & Steve Magistad
Betsy & Scott Radtke
Sue Grove & Paul Scherrer
Annette Spencer

Captain: Charlotte Osborn

Al Baxter & Diane Klinefelter
Barb Billington & Mark Scott
Marilyn Benson & Tim Wulling
Ruth Chen
Mary Easter
Ben & Kimberly Gascoigne
Shirley & Ken Gowdy
Lynne Hessler
Mary & Greg Myers
Charlotte Osborn
Barb & Fritz Steimann
Sharon Gowdy Wagener
Victoria Wilgocki & Rick Prescott

Co-Captains: Kathy McIntosh and Leslie Amundson

Leslie Amundson
John Degan
Gail Engstrom & Michael Dai
Dawn Foster-Hartnett & Tom Hartnett
John Habermann
Lee Heilman
Cassie & Amy Iverson
Kathy McIntosh
Jill Oliveri & Ralph Pribble
Robyn Reed
Carole & Mike Smith
Betty Swanson
Penny Truax

Captain: Shayne Miller

Kay Blair
Penny & Cecil Chally
Adam & Meghan Gordon
Rose Hendrickson
Katie Herman & Ruthann Ryberg
Henry Hormann
Allison & Chris Jacobsen
Janet Johnson
Shayne Miller & Phil Lee
Ellen Longfellow & Dan Buechler
Lois & Glenn Poser
Susan & Rudy Schnasse
Sara Schwebs

Captain: Jane Clements

JoAnn & Carl Arny
John Buschette
Jane Clements
Sam Duling
Bruce Evans
Dan & Gaye Larson
Gena & Jason Mitchell
Sara & Mike Quinn
Florence Sprague & David Misemer
Scot Torkelson
Vicki Wunsch


Bylaws revised 2019.pdf (PDF)

Financial Policies of SAPUCC

Financial Policies - March 2019.pdf (PDF)

Leadership Resources

Leadership - HowToReadTheBudget.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - HowToSubmitExpenses.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - MeetingManagement.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - MeetingMinutes.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - Mentoring.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - SettingAnAgenda.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - Transition.pdf (PDF)

This page last modified on October 23, 2019